Lycan w najnowszym patchu!

Już w poprzednim tygodniu było wiele spekulacji na temat Lycana oraz, że to właśnie on dołączy do puli bohaterów w kolejnym patchu. Teraz jest to już pewne - Dota 2 Test właśnie ogłosiło, Banehallowa jako kolejną postacią która dołączy do gry! W samym patchu, oprócz Lycanthropa, znajduje się kilka mniej i bardziej ważnych spraw, o których napiszę poniżej (...)

Jedną z najbardziej ciekawych spraw (oprócz nowego bohatera) jest z całą pewnością dodanie Shadow Demona do puli bohaterów w cm. Będzie to niewątpliwie kamień milowy dla gier Competive, jako, iż jego frekwencja w turniejach była bardzo wysoka. Kolejną ważną zmianą jest aktualizacja Doty2 do stabilnej wersji z 'jedynki', a mianowicie do 6.74c. Oprócz powyższego, naprawiono wiele błędów gry oraz wprowadzono kilka uaktualnień. Samego patcha w kliencie gry możemy się spodziewać w nocy z czwartku na piątek, a tymczasem zapraszam do zapoznania się z "changelogiem". 

- Added Lycan!
- Enabled Shadow Demon in Captain's Mode.
- The Stable version is now updated to the Latest version.
- Added All Random game mode for private lobbies.
- Alchemist: Fixed Acid Spray killing couriers.
- Batrider: Fixed Flamebreak not having an aoe targeting cursor.
- Beastmaster: Fixed Wild Axes killing couriers.
- Bounty Hunter: Fixed illusions procing Jinada's critical strike.
- Clinkz: Fixed a bug with level 2 Death Pact not gaining the .5% damage buff.
- Mirana: Fixed Arrow getting blocked by Linken's Sphere.
- Morphling: Added timer to Replicate that shows up as a buff.
- Outworld Destroyer: Fixed Astral Imprisonment stealing Intelligence from illusions.
- Outworld Destroyer: Fixed Astral Imprisonment being castable on Warlock Golem.
- Queen of Pain: Fixed being able to dispell Shadow Strike
- Razor: Fixed Static Charge damaging friendly units and towers. Note that towers can still proc the ability.
- Razor: Fixed Static Link damage from being purgable.
- Shadow Demon: Fixed attack animation time
- Shadow Shama: Fixed Serpent Wards having instant attack point (instead of 0.3)
- Storm Spirit: Fixed attack projectile speed
- Sven: Fixed Storm Bolt not stunning nearby targets if the primary target became magic immune while the projectile was traveling.
- Venomancer: Fixed being able to dispell Venomous Gale, Poison Sting and Poison Nova
- Warlock: Fixed Golems having incorrect magic resistance.
- Weaver: Fixed Time Lapse forgetting its history when upgraded
- Witch Doctor: Fixed Death Ward projectile speed being too slow
- Fixed Diffusal Blade's mana burn effect going through Magic Immunity.
- Units that are smoked can now be revealed by magic immune enemies.
- Fixed some abilities having incorrect durations against creep heroes (like Dismember).
- Fixed Disruption being castable on Warlock's Golem.
- Fixed gold over time being very slightly off sometimes.
- Fixed Smoke of Deceit not showing movement speed in the stats area
- Fixed Fountain projectile speed being too fast
- Fixed Furbolg attack point being too high
- Fixed Black Drake projectile speed being too fast

- Added setting for ambient creatures in the Advanced Video Settings.
- Advanced Video Settings is now versioned and will automatically update this release
- Undroppable items are no longer put in the stash when near the fountain.
- Items will no longer move when they are attempted to be picked up by a unit with a full inventory.
- The courier can no longer pick up certain items (Aegies, Rapier).
- Hooked up XP graph button.
- There is now a different ring effect for the primary unit when you have multiple units selected.
- Fixed second courier not being controllable if enabled by a courier
- Fixed bug where you could cast your ultimate by pressing either the Ability 4 or Ability 5 keys, on a 4 ability hero.
- Added setting to draw hero icons as default in the minimap. Alt will show X's and O's.

- Increased bot ability usage reaction time by about 50%.
- Fixed bug where bots would pick up or destroy teammates' items on the ground.
- Increased bot desire to defend their base.
- Fixed nasty bug that would often cause bots to idle in their current location when wanting to go defend.
- Bots now get an added desire to attack a hero that Bane has Gripped.
- Bots no longer random their heroes. They will now try to build a somewhat reasonable team comp based on hero role, stuns, and melee/ranged, and do so over the entire hero selection phase.
- Reworked bot lane selection logic. They should be smarter about which lanes they select, and who they pair with.
- Changed how human pings affect the bots' desires to push/defend. Should be more consistently powerful now.
- Bots in lanes with carries will try to avoid stealing their farm.
- Fixed a few cases where bots would oddly try to cast abilities at neutral creeps (such as when pushing or defending a lane).

-Improvements made to some of Shadow Demon's effects. 

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